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Local food matters to all of us. We strongly believe that together we can greatly expand the already growing food scene in Calgary, along with so many other great organizations and initiatives currently happening in our city. We’re excited to move forward together. Will you join us?

What we need now is a larger cooler to safely and efficiently store our produce. We could also really use some help to get us set up and running in our new space.

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At YYC Growers and Distributors our Vision is Sustainable food on every Calgary plate

We believe that no matter where you are, your right is to have healthy, delicious food that is grown by farmers you can trust, and even know. Imagine our Mission: Farmers feeding Calgary in restaurants, markets and homes as a reality. It would mean every time you ate, no matter where, you'd be putting good stuff in your body. That's why YYC Growers will be expanding their Harvest Box, working with more restaurants and distributing to more markets. So that you can eat the food your body deserves.

Guiding our growing practices both in the field and in business are our Core values: Local, sustainable, soil health, flavour, nutritious, freshness, lower environmental footprint, education, equitable, security, food democracy