YYC Growers Beef Shares

Beef Protein Share

YYC Growers is happy  to offer you our first ever beef share. Just like when YYC Growers started, flavour, quality and sustainability remain the priorities for the company and the farms who supply us. We understand not all of our customers eat meat, but for those who do, we wish to offer beef raised ethically, sustainably and delicious, so you can feel great about the animal you're consuming.

How it Works

Beef shares are $37.50 per delivery and run alongside our Winter Harvest Box ( like all our products, Shares are Pro-Rated so if you sign-up late, you're only charged for the weeks you get product). Beef shares are currently ONLY available at Hillhurst Sunnyside, Bowness, Marda Loop, Airdrie, and Aspen.

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What You Get:
What you get is some of the best ethical grass fed beef in Alberta. Earthworks Farm and Trail's End take great strides to be ethical in how they raise, process, and deliver their beef. They only use antibiotics in emergencies, and they never use hormones on their cattle. They also pay close attention to the health of their land and use Holistic Management to make sure their soil and pastures are in top health. You can taste this difference in the meat. It tastes pure. You might even find yourself eating less because the nutrient density of the meat is higher per gram. That's what good soil, and proper land management does.

Each week you will get 3 lbs of beef. The exception is when we deliver steaks, as they only come in 2 packs and that will vary the weight greatly by cut. For example 2 ribeye steaks weigh much more than 2 tenderloin steaks.

You will get a rotation of ground beef, roasts, steaks, and unique cuts (ribs, stew beef, etc.). All beef is packed at the butcher and frozen. We will be working with Earthworks Farms and Trail's End to process twice a year in order to have top flavour and animal care in mind. This also lowers the environmental footprint on your protein, as feeding and breeding livestock for year-round fresh beef over doubles the energy required.

We hope you enjoy the beef share. If you have any questions, please email meat@yycgrowers.com.

Sign up today: https://csa.farmigo.com/join/yycgrowersanddistributorscsa/2017-winter

Get Your Meat Share Today!