Winter’s Turkeys for the Holiday Season

Winter's TurkeysWinter is coming! And this year, so are Winter's Turkeys for our YYC Growers customers.

YYC Growers will be handling Free-Range Turkeys that can be ordered for pick-up at our Warehouse on December 21, just in time for the holiday break! We want your family and friends to pair our veggies with an equally delicious bird raised by a dedicated 4 Generation Family farm. These birds are fresh (unfrozen), and should be cooked by Canada’s guide to safe food handling. Birds need to be pre-ordered and require a $50 Deposit, the remainder of the cost to be paid at pick-up. Orders need to be placed by December 14.

The Details:

Pickup is at the Warehouse on December 21. If you would like a gourmet bird raised by a family of dedicated Alberta farmers for your Thanksgiving feast, Pre-Order now.

1)    Free-Range. Winter’s Turkeys are Free-Range Birds.

  1. Cost - Free-Range: $10.40/kg, $4.72/lbs
  2. Weight will be rounded to their nearest 250 grams.

2)    Size. Please note that Turkey sizes are estimates. If you order a turkey you will get one around 8-9KG.

  1. Free Range: 8-9 kg, 17 – 18 lbs ($83-94)

3)    Pick-up Location:

  1. Friday – YYC Growers Warehouse 12-6 pm December 21, 2018. 18 4750 106 Ave SE

4)    Deposit. Pre-ordering a bird will come with a $50 deposit. This fee is to secure things on our end and Winter’s Turkeys who will be wrangling the turkeys before we distribute them.

5)    If you would like any more information about this offer or Winter’s Turkeys, please email us at,  reach out on Facebook or visit Winters Turkeys online.

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