Holiday Add-ons

Add some local cheer to your Holiday Season with Winter's Turkeys and festive cookies from The Grain Exchange!


Winter's Turkeys

YYC Growers will be handling Free-Range and Organic Turkeys that can be ordered for pick-up December 21st-23rd at our Marda Loop pick-up location and warehouse, just in time for the holidays! We want your family and friends to pair our veggies with an equally delicious bird raised by a dedicated 4 Generation Family Farm. These birds are fresh (unfrozen), and should be cooked by Canada’s guide to safe food handling. Birds need to be pre-ordered and require a $30 Deposit, the remainder of the cost to be paid at pick-up.

The Details:

If you would like a gourmet bird raised by a family of dedicated Alberta farmers for your holiday festivities, Pre-Order now.

Login to your account and click the 'Add' button, inside the green subscription bar on the right-hand side. Or email us at The following choices will need to be emailed to

1) Free-Range or Organic. Winter’s Turkeys offer both Free-Range and Organic Birds.

  1. Free-Range: the cost is $9.60/kg (weight will be rounded to the nearest decimal)
  2. Certified Organic Heirloom: the cost is $14.75/kg (weight will be rounded to the nearest decimal)

2) Size. Please note that Turkey sizes are estimates. Winter’s provide approximate sizes based on how large they predict the birds to be come December, but your bird might be slightly larger or smaller than your pre-order. Size options are:

  1. Free Range: 8 – 9 kg OR 11 – 13 kg
  2. Organic: 7 – 8 kg option only

3) Pick-up Location. Because we want you to have the freshest product for your holiday festivities, YYC Growers will be distributing the turkeys at the following locations:

  1. Thursday, December 21 from 4-7 pm: Our Marda Loop pick-up location at Forage.
  2. Friday, December 22 from 4-7pm: Our Warehouse location (#18, 4750 - 106 Avenue SE).
  3. Saturday, December 23 from 11am-2pm: Our Warehouse location.

Please note that you will have the opportunity to pick up both your turkey AND your veggies at the same location (i.e. if your regular pick-up is in Bridgeland on Thursday and you want to pick up your turkey at our warehouse on Friday, you'll be able to get both your turkey and your veggies on Friday at our warehouse). Those picking up at our warehouse will have the opportunity to see our space, buy additional veggies and maybe grab a coffee from Devil’s Head Coffee.

4) Deposit. Pre-ordering a bird will come with a $30 deposit. This fee is to secure things on our end and Winter’s Turkeys who will be wrangling the turkeys before we distribute them.

5) More. If you would like any more information about this offer or Winter’s Turkeys, please email us at,  reach out on Facebook or visit Winters Turkeys online.

Order Now!


Festive Cookie dough from The Grain Exchange

"Christmas without cookies is like cooking without salt. It's tasteless"
- Toni Sohidi, Grain Exchange Baker Extraordinaire

With these words of wisdom the Grain Exchange cheerfully offers pre-formed cookie dough just in time for the holidays. Available by the baker's dozen, each batch is handcrafted with quality ingredients. Try one or all of our holiday flavours:

  • Classic Ginger Snap
  • Candy Cane Chocolate Chip
  • Cranberry Shortbread

$10 per baker's dozen.

You can add this special holiday item to your Harvest Box for pick-up the week of December 19-21. If you're ordering a turkey as well, we'll have your cookie dough at the pick-up location where you choose to get your turkey (along with your veggies).
To add these delightful treats to your account, login to your account and click the 'Add' button, inside the green subscription bar on the right-hand side. Or email us at and remember to let us know what flavours you'd like to order.