2018 Harvest Box Add-ons

Check out all of our amazing Harvest Box add-ons, available for the 2018 season!

1. Fruit Add-on
Like in past years, we will be offering a Fruit Share again this season. Fruit shares will be provided by The Apple Lady (Bridgeland and HSCA) and Walkers' Own Produce. Both options will include a delicious assortment of BC fruit, from stone fruit to cherries, apples to strawberries -- all the fruits you'd expect to enjoy from BC, as they come into season. While we try to source as much fruit as we can from organic growers, some of the fruit in this share is considered 'conventional'. Click here for more information.

The Fruit Share is $16/week. This add-on is available at all of our pick-up locations.


2. Ethical, Grass-Fed Beef Add-on

With this beef add-on, you'll receive some of the best ethical grass-fed beef in Alberta. Earthworks Farm and Trail's End Beef take great strides to be ethical in how they raise, process, and deliver their beef. They only use antibiotics in emergencies, and they never use hormones on their cattle. They also pay close attention to the health of their land and use Holistic Management to make sure their soil and pastures are in top health. Plus their beef tastes great! Want to learn more. Head over to our blog to read more detailed posts about the Farms.

The Weekly Share:
Each week you will get 3lbs of beef, in a variety of cuts. You'll get to experience everything from steaks and ground beef to roasts and ribs.
All beef is packed at the butcher and frozen. We will be working with Earthworks Farms to process twice a year in order to have top flavour and animal care in mind. This also lowers the environmental footprint on your protein, as feeding and breeding livestock for year-round fresh beef over doubles the energy required.*Roasts typically weigh between 3 - 4 lbs.
**All packages are topped to 3 lbs using 1 lbs packages of Ground Beef.

3. Cheese Add-on
We've teamed up with Shawn McDonald of Springbank Cheese Co. - Marda Loop to bring you a bi-weekly selection of fine artisan cheeses. You can expect product from the following dairies: Sylvan Star Cheese CompanyLatin Foods Inc.Winding Road Artisan CheeseFairwinds FarmKootenay Alpine Cheese Company, as well as some smaller vendors that YYC Growers will source from directly. While the majority of cheese will be sourced from Alberta and BC, we may occasionally bring in cheese from Ontario or Quebec to satisfy needs like Cheddar.

The Cheese Share is $20/delivery and portions will vary depending on the price of that delivery's cheese selection. This add-on is available at our Bowness, Hillhurst & Marda Loop pick-up locations.


4. Egg Add-on
Our newest Farm Member, Calico Farms, brings you local eggs from happy hens. Calico Farms' hens have access to pasture, sunshine, fresh air and even scraps from the kitchen. While not organic, Calico Farms' hen feed is grown and milled locally.

The cost per dozen eggs is $6.50. No limit on the number of cartons per customer. This add-on is available at all of our pick-up locations, with the exception of Market on Macleod.


5. Granola Add-on
This artisan granola is hand-crafted locally by a fellow Cooperative, The Grain Exchange. More aptly named, 'grain-ola', The Grain Exchange uses Alberta grown oats, oat flour & buckwheat as well as other unique ingredient additions each week. You can expect delicious flavours such as Wild Blueberry and Cherry Garcia. But what really makes this granola unique is a sourdough fermented culture added to each batch -- this makes it easier to digest so you can obtain the full nutritional benefits of the ingredients.

The Grainola is $10/week (bags are 1lb). This add-on is available at all of our pick-up locations.


6. Baking Add-on
The Grain Exchange also presents a weekly bake share: a rotation of sweet and savoury pre-made items like quick breads, energy balls, biscotti, crackers, croutons, cookies, granola bars, etc. These items will be combined with a take and bake item like pizza dough, fruit crisp, cinnamon buns, biscuits, etc. As always, The Grain Exchange works to use local, organic grains, and will incorporate seasonally available ingredients from YYC Growers whenever possible.

The Baking Add-on is $13.50/week. This add-on is available at all of our pick-up locations.


7. Bread Add-on
We are excited to partner with Lavish Bakery for the bread share this year to bring fresh, artisanal bread to your table each week.  By adding a breadshare to your Harvest Box, you’ll receive a handcrafted loaf each week, rotating between: sourdough, multigrain, ciabatta, baguette, and brioche.

The Bread Add-on is $7.50 per week. This add-on is available at all of our Tuesday, Thursday & Friday pick-up locations, with the exception of Market on Macleod. Availability on Wednesday is still tentative.


8. Preserve Add-on
YYC Growers is excited to work with Enjoy Worthy Preserves for this add-on. Worthy is committed to using YYC Growers' produce as often as often as possible -- you'll experience everything from pickles to mustards, and jams to salsas. Your hamburgers, toast and salads will be well equipped with delicious toppings all summer long! You'll likely want to get extra so you'll have some of those flavors to get your through the Winter.This preserve add-on is brought is a bi-weekly share (you'll get it every other week). From

This is a bi-weekly add-on (so you'll get preserves every other week) at $10.25/delivery. This add-on is available at all of our pick-up locations, with the exception of Market on Macleod.


9. Coffee Add-on
Ethically sourced, small batch, hand roasted coffee is brought to you by our warehouse friends: Devil's Head Coffee.

Since coffee cannot possibly be grown in Alberta, Devil’s Head Coffee procures the most ethical beans possible and aims to share their knowledge of coffee sourcing, processing and roasting to bring this global product closer to home and closer to sustainability. This year they are excited to announce a special blend available only to our YYC Growers customers, aptly named the "Farmer's Blend" (available in the full pound bag option). It represents the best global social, environmental, and economic practices that are in existence within the coffee industry today. Their goal is to share this coffee blend’s journey with you. This coffee is sure to fuel your adventure, and elevate your day!

$11/week for a half pound bag or $21.00/week for a full pound. Dark, Medium, Light and Decaf options available. This share is available at all of our pick-up locations.

10. Greenhouse Vegetables Add-on

This is an add-on share that will get you and your family a weekly amount of peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers, so you'll never be wanting. Perfect for lunch snacks or picnics. (please read the below for information about the product).

Shirley's Greenhouse, our beloved greenhouse farm-member wants to let you know that due to crop failure, they will be undertaking an earlier clean-out program this fall. They have lost their crop to unforeseen circumstances. In order to sustain their farm during the low season, Shirley's Greenhouse supplements their field crops with greenhouse tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers from a growers co-op in Lacombe. This way they can continue selling top quality local products to their existing customers while preparing for the 2019 spring season.

One of the coop greenhouses up in Lacombe uses pesticides as a last resort. This means if they get a crop-destroying outbreak of aphids or other pests, they will spray. We want to inform everyone so they know and can make the decision they need.

Shirley's has access to some other great greenhouses here in central Alberta. This share will be 3-4 greenhouse items a week that won't necessarily be in your regular share, including: tomatoes (cherry, vine, beefsteak), cucumbers (long english, baby), eggplant, peppers (bell, hot), and head lettuce.

This is a weekly subscription, at $15/week.

For more information about any of our add-ons or to give one a try for a week, please send us an email at info@yycgrowers.com.

To add any of these shares to your Harvest Box, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your account
  2. Go to the 'Summary' box on the right hand side
  3. Find the 'Subscription' Header
  4. Click the 'Add' button (just to the right of the 'Subscription' text).
  5. Update as you wish.
OR email us at info@yycgrowers.com with your add-on requests.