Seed + Soil


Seed+Soil grows fresh produce on land in and around Calgary. Our produce is grown in an environmentally responsible way using intensive techniques for farming in small spaces. The Seed+Soil team was brought together by their enthusiasm for unique seeds, interesting vegetables and a love of eating good food.

Michael Soucy founded Seed+Soil in 2013 in his backyard in Calgary. His background in the culinary world has pushed him to seek out, grow, and cook with new varieties of plants. His passion for farming came from growing up in the country and spending afternoons learning and eating from his grandmother's garden.

Monique Switzer grew up in a family of gardeners and do it yourselfers. This passion to grow food and feed others has made a significant mark on her life and has prompted her to take many different courses throughout the years; ranging from food security, to botany. Seed+Soil has allowed her dream of growing good food with good people to come to life!

Our goal is to excite people’s palates by reintroducing long forgotten varieties and awaken curiosity for uncommon produce.

Twitter: @seedplussoil
Instagram: seedplussoil