Happiness By The Acre

Happiness By The Acre is a cross over between urban, sub-urban, and
rural agriculture started by Marcus and Sarah Riedner. We operate a
number of small urban plots in the Northwest area of Calgary, some
larger plots in the suburban area of Springbank, and we have a quarter
section near Carstairs, Alberta that we are converting into a
restoration agriculture system based on perennial foods. We are tech
sector refugees with art degrees and a longing to be a part of the
forward-to-the-land movement, caring for Creation, and feeding those
around us safe healthy food.

We sell produce through a direct market CSA and YYC Growers, and are
planning to expand into hazelnuts, fruit, and livestock over the
coming years.

You can follow us on Facebook (www.facebook.com/HappinessByTheAcre),
Instagram (http://instagram.com/happiness_by_the_acre ), and our
website (https://www.happinessbytheacre.ca).