Grand Trunk Veggies

Grand Trunk Veggies is run by West Hillhurst resident Kye Kocher. As a child growing up in Red Deer, Kye  was often baited to assist his mother in her garden, which in hindsight  was obtained using the same tactics as SPIN farming. His mother gardened in a neighbours yard who had just too much land for one person.

The company name is derived from his West Hillhurst neighbourhood, which historically was called Grand Trunk. Later, Grand Trunk would be absorbed by West Hillhurst for sociopolitical reasons. Kye hopes that by reviving the district name with his farm, he can also revive the vegetable gardening spirit that was seasonal habit back in the day. Using backyards in his neighbourhood, Kye farms a wide range of produce (from Kale to Tomatoes) in order to localize Calgary's food system and ultimately change the world. Hey, why not dream big: we can grow it here so let's do it already.

Kye is also a graduate of Verge's Permaculture Design course

Kye is also voice for local communal garden Sunnyside Shared, where volunteers share a communal space to raise vegetables for the community.

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