Dirt Boys

Dirt BoysThe Dirt Boys is Dennis Scanland and sons. I’ve enjoyed growing vegetables even when I was just a boy myself, helping my mother garden in Cranbrook. Pulling up a carrot fresh from the garden and eating it with some of the dirt still on it was a memory I fondly remember. More recently I’ve discovered the art/profession/lifestyle of permaculture (The development of agricultural ecosystems intended to be sustainable and self-sufficient) which made me understand that we North American humans have been doing it wrong for years. Where did covering our property in grass become the norm? That’s valuable land that we could grow food on.

Dirt Boys’ mandate is to change our city one yard at a time. Grass is too much work and resources for what we get out of it. Why not convert that yard to a thriving, productive vegetable, fruit or herb garden? Our team comes in and does a free yard assessment, finding out where the best areas on your property are to farm and then we can inform you of your options sticking closely to budget.

Dirt Boys at the Hillhurst Sunnyside Farmers Market

Dirt Boys also operates a SPIN farm or Urban Farm operation too, which is farming on neighbors yards and other open spaces with the goal of bring local, highly nutritious produce to the Farmers Markets and local tables. If you live in Sunnyside or Bridgeland in Calgary, and have a yard you’d like to see farmed, read this post.

Website: http://www.dirtboys.ca

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