More time for Country Thyme: Daniel Chappel’s decision to downsize

“It’s super dry,” Daniel Chappel tells me as we discuss upcoming crops in the YYC Growers’ warehouse. Daniel is delivering his weekly order; all five of our Northern Rural Farms: Country Thyme, Shirley’s Greenhouse, Eagle Creek, Happiness by the Acre and Steel Pony share delivery, and today, it’s Daniel’s duty. The dryness is surprising. The… Read More »

“Is this Organic?”; What does that even mean?

To certify or not to certify? That is the question.. There is significant debate within the small-scale agriculture community and, even within the organic community, as to whether, certification is worth it. And among consumers, whether certified organic product actually better? What does organic certification actually mean for the producer, and how does that translate… Read More »