Why We Farm With YYC Growers: Eagle Creek Farms

John Mills of Eagle Creek Farms shares with us why joining forces with YYC Growers has been so important, not only to his farm, but also to his family: Everyone’s support to  YYC Growers had been crucial to the evolution and success of our family farm, Eagle Creek Farms, located North of Calgary.  When first… Read More »

Why We Farm With YYC Growers: Shirley’s Greenhouse

Dawn Buschert heartfelt and eloquent tells you why growing for YYC Growers was so helpful for their business. I don’t need to say anymore, just watch the clip. You can taste that emotion in the tomatoes grown on their farm. As always, thanks so much for supporting Shirley’s Greenhouse by your support of YYC Growers.… Read More »

Why We Farm With YYC Growers: Maple Greenview Honey

Today a short and touching little piece from Amber Yano of Maple Greenview Honey about how YYC Grower’s has benefited her apiary: My little honey business is grateful to be part of YYC Growers. They work so hard to showcase all of the farms to our growing city. The exposure has helped us sell honey… Read More »

Why We Farm With YYC Growers: Grand Trunk Veggies

Today we have a video from Grand Trunk Veggies. Kye Kocher and Laura-Leigh McKenzie share how YYC Growers has allowed their urban farm to grow thanks to the support of Harvest Box customers who commit to a whole season of YYC Grower veggies!

Why We Farm With YYC Growers: Happiness By The Acre

It’s easy these days to purchase food and lose sight of where that food has come from. As a result, it can be hard to know how your money is impacting the lives of the people growing that food. YYC Growers is farmer owned for several reasons, but one reason is that it creates a… Read More »

What are these Mustard Greens anyway?

Mustard greens, or more commonly referred to as “mustards” by our farmers, are part of the Brassica family. Other Brassicas include the cabbage family such as cauliflower, kale and kohlrabi, and some root crops such as radish and turnip. Mustards have significantly high levels of vitamin C, A, K and soluble fibre, and boast a… Read More »

YYC Farm Series: micro yyc

Urban farming is still unfamiliar to many people, but maybe even more unexpected is indoor urban farming. The term ‘farmer’ can be misleading because the public notion of farming includes picturesque hills in the distance. According to Vanessa Hanel however, “a farmer is just someone who grows food”. Vanessa happens to be one of Calgary’s… Read More »

YYC Farm Series: Little Loaves Farm

Just northwest of Sundrie, in a scenic wooded area, is Little Loaves Farm. Little Loaves Farm is Jerremie and Rita Clyde’s four-year development project. This mixed farm produces a diverse array of crops, including vegetables and grains, and is also home to a yak herd. Varieties of grains include oats, rye and even rice, while the market garden includes primarily potatoes and peas… Read More »