YYC Farm Series: micro yyc

Urban farming is still unfamiliar to many people, but maybe even more unexpected is indoor urban farming. The term ‘farmer’ can be misleading because the public notion of farming includes picturesque hills in the distance. According to Vanessa Hanel however, “a farmer is just someone who grows food”. Vanessa happens to be one of Calgary’s… Read More »

YYC Farm Series: Little Loaves Farm

Just northwest of Sundrie, in a scenic wooded area, is Little Loaves Farm. Little Loaves Farm is Jerremie and Rita Clyde’s four-year development project. This mixed farm produces a diverse array of crops, including vegetables and grains, and is also home to a yak herd. Varieties of grains include oats, rye and even rice, while the market garden includes primarily potatoes and peas… Read More »

YYC Farm Series: Maple Greenview Honey

I was very excited to meet Amber Yano and her bees. Amber has infectious energy and is clearly passionate about her work. After graduating with a degree in fine arts five years ago, Amber established her first hive. At the time, Amber claims she knew nothing about apiculture (beekeeping), but was very interested in bees and insects of the Order… Read More »

The Architects of 150 Faces of YYC Growers

The project idea is not my own. As President, I have the good fortune of having numerous brilliant and inventive minds to work with. One of these minds is Dick Pearson. Dick is long-time farmer and owner of Seeds to Greens farm South of Calgary. Entering the process of retirement, Dick was looking for a… Read More »

150 Faces of YYC Growers

As Canada’s sesquicentennial celebration lies only a month away, YYC Growers is excited to be participating in the jubilations with a special showcase.  Canadian settlement was not a simple process; settlers arrived in a country with a harsh climate, huge distances and peoples that had already been settled here for millennia. Canada was already a land with… Read More »

YYC Farm Series: Happiness By the Acre

Over the past five years, Marcus Riedner has been transitioning a quarter section of land from conventional canola and wheat production to organic small scale vegetable production northwest of Carstairs, AB. A quarter section is 160 acres, a significant piece of land for a market garden farm. This piece of land, like most in the… Read More »

YYC Farm Series: Grand Trunk Veggies

Kye Kocher is founder of the urban farm Grand Trunk Veggies. Grand Trunk Veggies is based out of West Hillhurst with 10 unique farm properties dotted throughout the city from their headquarters at 2102 5 Ave NW to their newest space just west of Calgary in Springbank. Grand Trunk Veggies’ headquarters is one of the most beautiful urban farming… Read More »

YYC Farm Series: Dirt Boys

Like other farms, urban farms vary in scale. SPIN farming (Small Plot INtensive) is about maximizing underused urban spaces. SPIN farming is brought to several communities in Calgary by the urban farm, Dirt Boys. Dennis Scanland is the mastermind behind Dirt Boys. Dennis is always on the hunt for empty space that can be converted into… Read More »

YYC Farm Series: Our Family Farm

Just West of Okotoks, not too far from the famous ‘Big Rock’, you’ll find Our Family Farm. Our Family Farm is as welcoming as the name sounds. Meet Jonny Barrett, not to be confused with John Barrett. This land has transitioned from one generation to the next from John to Johnny. The majority of the property still… Read More »