What are these little things?!?

What are microgreens, and how do I use them? Two of the most common questions we hear at Farmer’s Markets and at our pick-up locations are “what are these” while gesturing to a bag of strange looking miniature plants, followed by “how do I use them?” Never fear, we have answers here! Those strange little… Read More »

More time for Country Thyme: Daniel Chappel’s decision to downsize

“It’s super dry,” Daniel Chappel tells me as we discuss upcoming crops in the YYC Growers’ warehouse. Daniel is delivering his weekly order; all five of our Northern Rural Farms: Country Thyme, Shirley’s Greenhouse, Eagle Creek, Happiness by the Acre and Steel Pony share delivery, and today, it’s Daniel’s duty. The dryness is surprising. The… Read More »