The What & Why of Community Supported Agriculture or “CSA”

If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you know what a Harvest Box is and you’ve probably heard of the term “CSA” before. If not (or if you’ve never been quite sure what this refers to), here’s a quick run down on what CSA means: CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture or Community Shared Agriculture.… Read More »

Farmer Fridays: The ‘Off’ Season at Happiness By The Acre

“When I dream of a farming “off season”, it usually involves sandy beaches. But the reality is a bit different. For our small @happines_by_the_acre crew (Marcus, Sam & I) it has meant a lot of planning, more planning. And we’re still planning! We have a modest house & workspace being built on our farm, so… Read More »

Farmer Fridays: Gina Brown and her Sweet Market Garden

In the off-season, I try to stay around, working with local food and local businesses. Right now, I’m working at Crossroads Farmer’s market. I was lucky enough this winter to go on a trip to Mexico for one of my friends’s 30th birthday. I tried loads of new foods and returned home with an impassioned need… Read More »

Are We the Right Match? A YYC Growers Dating Profile

Name: YYC Growers Harvest Box Age: Young, but experienced City: Calgary/Airdrie About me: I am… exactly what your mother wants. Fresh, clean and pure Alberta. I enjoy warm summer days and a little shower in the evening. Sometimes the weather brings me down. Just being honest. Get to know me though, and you’ll be treated… Read More »

Farmer Fridays: Cos Wieckowski of Our Family Farm

Farmer Fridays are all about getting to know the farmers of YYC Growers.   This week we’re kicking things off with Cos Wieckowski, a second generation farmer at Our Family Farm. We wanted to find out what life looks like for Cos when he’s not farming… “Winter means finding enough casual work to float me… Read More »

Is our Harvest Box right for you?

Take our short quiz to find out if our Harvest Box program is right for you! 1. Do you enjoy cooking?  a) Yes, I LOVE to cook! b) I like to cook and make a lot of meals at home. c) I like to cook 2-3 times a week. d) I only like to cook… Read More »

What it means to love a farmer

Supporting a farmer isn’t always easy. Sometimes the weather doesn’t cooperate, and the farmer fails to serve you buttered beans in August. But those little watermelons from the greenhouse a few weeks later sure make up for that mishap. So too, do the winter potatoes and carrots. When you buy a Harvest Box, you’re getting… Read More »

5 Reasons YYC Growers Loves Beets & You Should Too!

We’ve really been crazy about beets lately. We just can’t help it. They’re earth’s candy. Sweeter and richer than… wait! I’m getting ahead of myself – we love beats, it’s obvious by now. So here is the YYC Growers’ Valentine Day inspired ode to beets. Beets, Beta Vulgaris, YYC Growers loves you, and here’s why:… Read More »

The Sweetest Mess – Kristen Kaethler

“Buh! Bah!” YYC Growers introduces to you, Kristen Kaethler, creator of delicious and inspirational blog, My Sweet Mess. Kristen is not a new farmer, but she does have a love for all things food. After 15 years in the hospitality industry, she operated a boutique catering company for seven years.  There she found her appetite… Read More »