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YYC Farm Series: Dirt Boys

Like other farms, urban farms vary in scale. SPIN farming (Small Plot INtensive) is about maximizing underused urban spaces. SPIN farming is brought to several communities in Calgary by the urban farm, Dirt Boys. Dennis Scanland is the mastermind behind Dirt Boys. Dennis is always on the hunt for empty space that can be converted into… Read More »

YYC Farm Series: Our Family Farm

Just West of Okotoks, not too far from the famous ‘Big Rock’, you’ll find Our Family Farm. Our Family Farm is as welcoming as the name sounds. Meet Jonny Barrett, not to be confused with John Barrett. This land has transitioned from one generation to the next from John to Johnny. The majority of the property still… Read More »

YYC Farm Series: SweetEarth Garden

As the sun warmed the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, we headed out towards the majestic views of  Springbank. I spent much of my youth in Springbank so it was nostalgic to arrive in the area where I grew up, but I had never seen anything like SweetEarth Garden’s project here. A horizon lined by the Rockies and… Read More »

YYC Farm Series: Tricklin’ Waters

Tricklin’ Waters is an aquaponic producer, just steps from downtown in Ramsay. It doesn’t get more local than this! What is aquaponics? A highly efficient, nearly closed circuit production system. Aquaponics is similar to hydroponics, where the nutrients required by the plants are delivered via water solution. However in this system, the source of the nutrients comes from symbiotic relationships with fish.… Read More »

YYC Farm Series: Eagle Creek Farms

Eagle Creek potatoes are a staple item in the YYC Growers’ Harvest Boxes. Having worked with Eagle Creek’s produce for many weeks at the YYC Growers’ distribution warehouse, I was excited to finally have an opportunity to see where their beautiful potatoes were being cultivated. John Mills is known as the farmer with the funkiest custom made vegetable-print shirts, hand… Read More »

YYC Farm Series: Country Thyme Farm

Nestled near the edge of Bowden Alberta is Country Thyme Farm. The drive between Calgary and Bowden is the perfect backdrop to display dramatic summer skies in stark contrast to yellow canola fields. This is the rural paradise you imagine when you think of a farm, red barn and majestic scenery included. Roughly ten acres of… Read More »

YYC Farm Series: Shirley’s Greenhouses

Shirley’s Greenhouses is a second generation operation run out of the Didsbury area by Dawn Buschert. The original greenhouse, located near Airdrie, was owned by Dawn’s mother, Shirley. When the original greenhouse closed, Dawn decided to keep the name Shirley’s Greenhouses, as it had proven itself as a reputable name. On this family farm, knowledge… Read More »

YYC Farm Series: Leaf & Lyre Urban Farms

When you think of farming, what comes to mind? Most of us would not imagine 30 plots of land within the Calgary area. Meet urban farmer Rod Olson, the founder of Leaf and Lyre Urban Farms. Rod’s plots range from backyards in Bowness to a larger piece of land in Bearspaw. There is a particular charm… Read More »

Intro to YYC Farm Series: Seeds To Greens

Nestled just across the South Eastern city limit is the Pearson family farm: Seeds to Greens.  Meet Dick and Sue Pearson, the loving momentum behind this true family farm. Three generations have cultivated this land. Historically grain was a primary product, but the current focus is vegetable crops. The Pearson’s pay homage to the immense… Read More »