What is Urban Farming / SPIN Farming?

Straight from the SPIN Farming website:

SPIN stands for s-mall p-lot in-tensive, and the SPIN-Farming learning series teaches you how to take a backyard, front lawn or neighborhood lot to new levels of productivity and profitability that go far beyond traditional home gardening practices. Whether you want to farm professionally, or produce a significant supply of commercial-grade crops for your family and friends, follow the system that has already launched thousands of new home and community-based farm operations throughout the US and Canada.

Here are SPIN-Farming's Key Characteristics:

  • Production based
  • Sub-acre in scale
  • Low capital intensive
  • Entrepreneurially driven
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Close to markets

All of our Urban Farmers involved with YYC Growers may not be certified organic but try to grow in an organic fashion. Urban Farmers see the local food security issue as a problem they like to take on. Urban farming is just one key to helping out the local food movement and to decrease a city's food miles, the distance your food travels to get to your table.