The Straight Beef!

By | August 7, 2018

Got beef? We do! Ethical, Alberta raised, grass-fed beef to be exact. And we want to share it with you.

If you sign up for a beef share, either weekly or biweekly, you can expect to receive three pounds per share of some of the best ethical beef in Alberta. Each week will feature a different cut, which will be topped up with ground beef to ensure you always receive three pounds. For example, one week you may receive sirloin, Korean ribs, and ground beef, and another you may receive a four-pound roast.


This beef is supplied by Earth Works Farm and Trails End Farm. Both Earth Works and Trails End take pride in their raising practices, and take steps to ensure healthy cattle, land, and consumers. Neither farm uses hormones in their cattle, and they only use antibiotics in the case of emergencies. Additionally, the farms have high standards in managing their land in a holistic way, and take steps to ensure the soil and pasture remain healthy. You can be sure that the meat you consume isn’t harming your body, nor is it harming the earth. Best of all, their beef tastes great! All beef is packed at the butcher, then frozen, ready for you to take home and grill up.

Our beef share is $37.50 per week, for three delicious pounds of ethical and environmentally conscious beef. The ethical raising practices of Earth Works and Trails End truly shines through in its delicious flavour, and makes a significantly smaller impact on the earth than other beef.

If you’re looking to have a variety of different meats throughout the season, stay tuned for our upcoming chicken, pork, and beef share, which will feature all three meats throughout the season!

Get the Straight Beef!


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