How to Survive the Apocalypse (by eating local veggies)

By | August 17, 2018

Oh no! An apocalypse is among us, doomsday has arrived! What’s the first thing you do? If you answered anything other than “eat local veggies,” your survival probability isn’t looking so good... Okay, so maybe Armageddon hasn’t come to pass, but I’m still going to tell you why it’s so important that you get your local veggies. Trust me, you’ll want to be prepared when all hell breaks loose.


  1. Veggies give you superhuman abilities: A key difference between the veggies you’ll find at the grocery store and the veggies you get from local farmers is the level of nutrients. Our farmers take soil health very seriously, and as a result, our veggies are far more nutritious than those produced in large industrial systems, typically sold at major grocers. Treat your body right, and soon enough, you’ll feel like you have superpowers. Our veggies haven’t given anyone laser vision (yet), but they’ll certainly give your vital nutrients level a kick. We all know the Darwinian theory of evolution. Only the fittest will survive. And the fittest? Well, they all eat local vegetables.
  2. Farmers are all-powerful in the apocalypse: I can see it now: all the major roadways are shut down and air travel has become impossible. You get hungry and run out to the store to grab some cherry tomatoes, the perfect snack for the end of the world. But wait! There is no food left in the grocery store, it ran out days ago. With no way of receiving product from faraway places, the only source of fresh produce is local farmers. Now, would you rather be scrambling to find a supplier of veggies, or already have one set up? Even if you did find a local farmer, why would they supply to you rather than their amazing, loyal customers? Eat local with us now, and we promise to supply to you come hell or high-water. We’ll even arrange your weekly email to be delivered via carrier pigeon in the event of a power outage.
  3. Prevent the apocalypse by taking care of the earth: If I had to choose between surviving the end of the world and not having the world end, I’d choose the latter. I’m pretty sure most other people would as well. We have to start taking care of the earth if we expect the earth to continue to care for us. Eating locally is a great way to do that, because it drastically reduces your carbon footprint, reduces waste, and keeps soil healthy. It is our actions now that determine our future. Essentially, eat locally now to save yourself from living in a world of decay. 
  1. Eating locally builds community: It’s no question that the relationship between a farmer and their customer is different than the relationship between a grocery clerk and their customer. Every time you return to the farmers market, we notice, and value it so much. We love seeing both repeat customers and new faces because it means we are connecting with members of our community in a meaningful way. We also love seeing you at your weekly CSA pickup, even if it is just a brief check in each week. It is these connections that make everything worth it! You have a far better chance of banding together with us at the end of the world than with your grocery store clerk.
  1. Preserve more land by eating locally: This also speaks to point #3, because by eating local, you preserve more green space, which ultimately helps preserve the earth. This preserved land becomes useful in keeping all of us healthy because it yields amazing veggies, and also will continue absorbing CO2 and releasing O2 for us to breath. Thank you, plants! If that’s not reason enough, consider this: zombies. Would you rather be in a sprawling metropolis, or at a secluded farmland when an army of the undead arrives? That’s what I thought. To help preserve this green space (and safe haven), eat local!


In conclusion, you should sign up for local veggies TODAY (before it's too late)! Survive the Apocalypse

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