Farmer Friday: Steel Pony steals our hearts

By | August 9, 2018

Who loves soil, practices yoga, and provides you with amazing vegetables? Mike Kozlowski, that’s who! No, we aren’t talking about Mike Wazowski, the little green creature from Monsters Inc, though this Mike certainly does have a green thumb. We’d like to introduce you to Mike Kozlowski of Steel Pony, our farthest north and newest member farm.

The one and only, Mike Kozlowski!

Born and raised in Red Deer, Mike is your quintessential Albertan and sees the beauty and value of our province. Wanting to give back and make use of the beautiful land, Mike realized there was a need for sustainable, local farming in Alberta, and so began Steel Pony Farm in 2011, located in Red Deer. Mike especially values and works hard to maintain high quality soil.

Gorgeous cabbages and stunning soil

To most of us, soil isn’t a consideration when walking through the farmers market or grocery store trying to choose the healthiest veggies. Not so for Mike, who urges us to think about where the nutrients of our food really come from. “Taking care of your soil is one of the most important factors in creating legitimately healthy food, and in turn helping create a healthier local population,” says Mike, self-proclaimed soil worshiper. Not only is proper soil vital to healthy people, but it is also vital to healthy ecosystems. It makes sense if you think about it—the plants receive their nutrients from the soil, consumers receive this from the plants, and so on upward to the very top of the food chain, and the whole cycle starts over as nutrients are returned to the soil by decomposers. Rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat.

Laura-Leigh takes in the beauty of Steel Pony

Mike uses five acres of the land, which is shared with brother-in-law Blake Hall of Prairie Gold Meats, who uses the land surrounding Mikes soil to raise his incredible Alberta beef.

In July, Kye and Laura-Leigh visited Steel Pony Farm. It was refreshing to hear Mike talk about his relationship with farming and work-life balance. Too often we hear of farmers working 70 - 80 hours a week in the summer and only scraping by. Mike has adopted a different approach, intent on making farm life revitalizing, as well as adaptable to Mike's new baby, Adler. Mike may not have mastered a 30-hour week just yet, but his attitude allows him to effectively prioritize. It has also expanded his vision to include not just the farm "work", but the farm beauty too. And look how beautiful it is, set in heart of Alberta prairies...

When he isn’t farming, Mike practices and instructs yoga. We’re happy to have this soil expert and master yogi as part of our team, and hope you all get to experience the bounty of his crops!

To sign up for a Fall Harvest Box and experience the glory of Steel Pony, Click Here

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