Our Bread Share Is Bake On: let’s introduce you to Corbeaux Bakery

By | July 17, 2018

Baking bread is a science. Every ingredient added, every ratio measured, and every knead of the dough leads to a specific set of chemical reactions that results in the perfect loaf. Baking bread is also an art. Balancing and combining flavours, shaping loaves, and braiding dough are all skills left best to an artist. At Corbeaux Bakery, bakers have a duality in skill-sets, perfectly embodying both scientists and artists to create the best loaves around.

Brothers Chris and Russ Prefontaine are the creators of Corbeaux Bakery, and they’re well acquainted with good food. Fratello Coffee Roasters, a staple in the Calgary coffee scene, was created by the brothers’ father in 1974. The Prefontaine’s have maintained the same values in Corbeaux as those of Fratello. Specifically, they value quality ingredients in the hands of avid experts, a combination which results in nothing short of a masterpiece.

Corbeaux is looking for no renaissance in the bread making world. That renaissance has already happened; the bread recipes have been perfected, the techniques have no room left to improve. Instead, they are focused on mastering and recreating traditional and trustworthy techniques. To stay true to ancient processes, Corbeaux uses organic flour and locally sourced grains, most of which are either native or ancient. They cut no corners in techniques, ensuring they always use their own starters, and hand shape every loaf. It is this purist attitude toward baking which makes Corbeaux unique among bakeries and a perfect pair with YYC Growers.

While Corbeaux stays true to traditional techniques and recipes, they are unafraid to build off of these for new and exciting flavour combinations by adding all sorts of mix-ins, all the while keeping the building blocks of bread baking consistently traditional and pure.

Bread is central to cuisines worldwide, and has been for centuries. Corbeaux is continuing the tradition, supplying Calgarians citywide with quality bread to talk and bond over. If you’ve ever visited Analog Coffee, you may be familiar with the baked goods of Corbeaux already. The Prefontaine brothers further realized their dreams of being key players in the Calgary food industry when they opened their café, Analog Coffee, on 17th street. The baked goods of Corbeaux meet the coffee of Fratello, all in one heavenly corner of Calgary.

The best thing since sliced bread is, well, the unsliced loaves made by Corbeaux. To try out these loaves for yourself, click here and Break some Bread

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