It Ain’t Easy Being Cheesy: Introducing Cheese Troll, Shawn McDonald

By | July 25, 2018

Shawn McDonald, owner of Springbank Cheese Co – Marda Loop, has been in the cheese business for around 17 years. Using the unusual moniker “Cheese Troll,” Shawn is an expert in all things cheese—a gouda guru, if you will. Today we want you to meet the big cheese himself. Introducing, the Cheese Troll!

We met Shawn in our very first year. Shawn’s booth was right next to ours at the HSCA Farmers Market, and we kept trading him veggies for his outstanding cheese. He became a fast friend, as people who share cheese with you often do, and the partnership that sprang forth was only natural. Since then, Shawn has been curating YYC Growers Weekly Cheese Share and has demonstrated his extensive knowledge as a true provolone professional.

In 2011, Shawn became the owner of Springbank Cheese Co in Marda Loop, which specializes in high quality, hard-to-find cheese. It hadn’t been his life’s plan to end up working in the cheese business. Rather, he stumbled upon it, was captivated, and never looked back. His career took off at Springbank Cheese’s location on 14th Street, where he worked as a stock boy, a truck driver, and eventually worked his way up to Retail and Wholesale Manager. Suffice to say that Shawn has seen every side of the cheese industry, and has become an emmental expert. Through his hands-on experience, Shawn grew to know the cheese world well and gained a plethora of knowledge on the industry and the food.

Growing up in a household where good food was a central value, it’s no surprise that Shawn became the foodie he is today. He believes that simple, home-style food will always outshine other dishes. With a passion for family and community, Shawn is a perfect match for YYC Growers. We are thankful for the work he does, distributing good cheese to families all throughout Calgary. What better way to foster a sense of community and family than through sharing spectacular cheese?!

To experience the wonderful world of cheese as curated by the Cheeses Troll, CLICK HERE!

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