The Fruits of Summer: what it means to buy a fruit share with the Apple Lady

By | June 19, 2018

We started “The Apple Lady” because both Lynden and I love tree ripened BC fruit. We found it difficult to acquire quality fruit in Calgary. Even when paying high prices, we seldom found tree ripe fruit in Calgary that satisfied our needs. BC growers, especially small ones, with  tree ripened fruit have trouble finding fair market prices. We decided we wanted to connect good growers with fair markets.

We have such a connection with our customers. We love connecting them to the best fruit possible. We do this by investing time at Farmer’s Markets and educating customers about storage and ripening. Most importantly we sample; we share what is in season so our customers know what we suggest.

 This year, we’re excited to see the delicious, classic fruits: cherries, peaches, plums, currants, pears and of course, apples, but we're also excited to know that Avalon Orchard now has new plantings of figs, persimmons, almonds and other experimental crops.

The farmer of Avalon Orchards, Russ Klatt, has been contacting other growers who have allowed their certification to lapse. Feedback from Calgarians inspired the search/use of better practices. Organic and regenerative practices are becoming more important as customers become more concerned about where their food comes from and how it is grown. We bring organic and non-organic products from Summerland. We find it a challenge to find 100% organic.

All of the fruits we sell grow in BC, but many could be grown in Alberta. It'd be wonderful to see more fruit produced locally. We celebrate the growing local movement and gladly purchase locally grown fruit when we can get our hands on it. Also encouraging is watching growth in local fruit awareness with organizations like Calgary Harvest, and even the Cider business being founded by Urban Farmer, Dennis Scanland.

We hope you’ll purchase a fruit share this season and help support BC fruit production. It was so exciting that on the second year we offered shares our business with Avalon Orchard purchased 20 % of the crop and returned 50 % of their income. This was hugely impactful to their business. Add a Fruit Share

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