Good food, good people, good practices: Walker’s Own Produce mentality

By | June 11, 2018

Walker’s Own Produce can be said to center around goodness. Their focus is on providing good food to good people, from good people. But then, calling their fruits and vegetables merely “good” is to discredit them—fantastic is a more fitting description. The honest and diligent work put into growing and distributing their produce shows just how much they care about the work they do. So, we're showcasing the goodness of Walker's Own Produce mentality written by one of the incredible owners (and farmer herself) Moira:

Walker’s Own Produce has been marketing in southern Alberta on behalf of a handful of BC orchards and AB farms since 1981. Our Growers work with us and each other in a network that supports our family farms, direct sales, and fresh to the consumer quality. Our relationships are based on handshakes, mutual toil, and respect for good growing practices.


We understand that wholesale and depot models of food distribution are necessary, but our goal is to make sure that everyone receives a fair price for hard work; on the land, and at the market stand. So we are farm direct.

We don’t grow stickers, and frankly can’t afford to pay our team to put them on (what do those barcodes even say?), we are not grocers, we are growers. From Abbotsford to Osoyoos, we would like the thank you for being #aknowerofthegrower through us.

To experience the goodness of Walker's Own Produce yourself, as well as the product of our other excellent farmers, sign up for a Harvest Box. Eat like some of the best farmers around all summer long!



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