Summer’s Worth Preserving: Ashlee Steinhauer creator of Worthy talks about her love of jams.

By | May 22, 2018

This week we’d like to introduce you to Ashlee Steinhauer, owner and crafter behind Worthy, this season’s jam, preserve, specialty sauce expert, the lady behind the Preserve Share. Ashlee was introduced to us through our network, I believe from Devil’s Head Coffee. Over the phone, Ashlee and I had a conversation talking about jam and butter, seasonal vegetables and the million uses of beets. We knew she would be an incredible business to show to all our customers. Before you are introduced to her jam we introduce you to a little more of her. So this week’s blog features Ashlee’s and Worthy’s story:

The universe brought me to jam. I worked as a personal chef and an acquaintance asked me if I'd like to take over her restaurant jam contracts. I accepted. I fell in love with the process of turning hundreds of pounds of fresh fruit into a sweet preserved spread. I feel in love with creating powerful flavours. Flavours like Strawberry Cardamom, Vanilla Rhubarb and Chocolate Blueberry jam are Worthy’s style. Our Hot Pineapple Salsa has turmeric and our Warm Tomato Salsa has a hint of cinnamon. Our mustard's are typically fruit based-either Saskatoon or Cranberry. And our pickles, well just you wait.

For YYC Growers Preserve Share I am offering a bi-weekly assortment of jams, pickles, salsa and mustard. I plan to cram those shares with as much YYC Growers' produce as possible. Because we don't know exactly what produce will land in our Worthy kitchen, I'm excited about  the challenge of adapting recipes and creating new ones. It's kind-of an honor to be the one to preserve the incredible flavours of Calgary fruit and veg for you so that you can enjoy later on a sandwich, over ice-cream or by itself. There's nothing more rewarding to me than to know the produce I'm using in my local business is directly supporting other like-minded food-passionate people!  I can't wait to dig-in (proverbially) and start storing the goodness of summer for us all.


By the way, I wanted to let you know: I try hard to reduce waste by using sanitized recycled jars and eliminating and refusing excess packaging and plastics. Be ready for your burgers or toast this summer, add preserves to your Harvest Box.

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