Farmer Friday: A day in the life of Calico Farms

By | April 12, 2018

While I may not be as busy with Farmers Markets during the winter months, the laying hens still need constant care and they still lay eggs all winter long!

My days begin with morning chores of feeding, watering, and collecting the eggs from 300 hens.  Next up is washing all the eggs and putting all the eggs into cartons and into the fridges.  This is all done by hand and all done by me! Once a week I clean out the barn and the nest boxes.  This winter has been a challenge with the cold snowy weather and a weasel issue, the hens have not been able to go outside as much as they would like.

Spring is a busy time.  I begin to retire the old hens and prepare for new hens.  Hens naturally lay one egg a day for 365 - 375 days.  After this the shell quality begins to decrease and egg quality begins to decline.  Some hens will stop laying altogether and others will continue to lay or lay every other day.  Typically once production goes below 75% it is time for new hens.  I bring new hens in every April.  I move my old hens to a different barn, clean, disinfect the layer barn in preparation for the new hens.  If nest boxes need repair or replacement this is also the time for that. All of this wouldn’t be possible if I didn’t have help from my amazing husband Grant.

YYC Growers has been a great growing opportunity for Calico Farms.  We have been able to increase our winter sales which has always been a challenge. Thank you for all the support and adding our lovely eggs to your winter harvest boxes!  We are really excited for what the summer season will bring and providing everyone with farm fresh eggs!

--Krista & Grant Ball

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