Farmer Fridays: Gina Brown and her Sweet Market Garden

By | March 9, 2018

In the off-season, I try to stay around, working with local food and local businesses. Right now, I'm working at Crossroads Farmer's market. I was lucky enough this winter to go on a trip to Mexico for one of my friends’s 30th birthday. I tried loads of new foods and returned home with an impassioned need to host taco nights in my home and play “La Llorona” by Chavela Vargas on repeat. 

I’ve also spent much of this off-season making music, and practicing piano. I got into piano as a kid, took a long break and returned to it this year when I moved my old digital piano back into my house. I've been working on the third movement of the "Moonlight" Sonata (which in my opinion, is the best movement of  "Moonlight" sonata).  I first attempted to learn it fourteen years ago in my piano lessons. Since re-visiting it, I’ve precariously figured out about a third of it. It will probably take me fourteen more years to finish it.    I think the finger-muscles I’ve developed during the farming season have actually gone a long way to helping me get the hand of that piece of music. (haha pun intended!)

When I'm not obsessively banging away at my piano, I spend my free time listening to podcasts, drinking enormous amounts of herbal tea, and letting all those stiff summer muscles turn into cozy winter jello. 

As far as growing, this winter I’ve also been playing around with micro-greens. Did you know that popcorn micro’s are almost as sweet as sugar?! 

And to pass the other hours of winter, I love hanging out at the Central Library, people-watching in cafe's and enjoying the calm, quiet down-time of this season. If the mood hits me, I go out on the town to dance the night away. Especially if it's to dark and moody music with plenty of bass. Lately, I’ve been preparing for the rush of spring; garden planning and setting up my grow room for spring starts. I’m planning on playing the seedlings all sorts of music and seeing which genre they like best!

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