Is our Harvest Box right for you?

By | February 23, 2018

Take our short quiz to find out if our Harvest Box program is right for you!

1. Do you enjoy cooking? 
a) Yes, I LOVE to cook!
b) I like to cook and make a lot of meals at home.
c) I like to cook 2-3 times a week.
d) I only like to cook on special occasions.
e) No, I hate cooking.


2. Can your grocery list accommodate flexibility?
a) No problemo!
b) Yes, some flexibility is fine.
c) I'm already having a panic attack at the mere thought of this...


3. Do you like to try new things?
a) Yes, introduce me to all the different veggies and help me get creative in the kitchen!!!
b) I like to try new things every now and then to keep things exciting.
c) No. Never. I'd prefer meat & potatoes every day please.


4. Are you willing to roll with the punches? Crop failure, last minute substitutions and a general level of uncertainty inherent in farming?
a) I think I can handle that!
b) I might not always like it, but I'll try.
c) No, I don't think I like the sounds of that!


5. Do you value knowing where, how & by whom your food was grown?
a) 100%, that's what I'm looking for.
b) Yes and no. I'd like to know more, but it's not always a priority.
c) Nah... whatevs.


6. Does dirt, the occasional bug and/or weed freak you out?
a) I'd expect some dirt, bugs & a few weeds - it's harvested fresh and pesticide/herbicide free!
b) I don't mind.
c) Ummmm... it's definitely not my preference.
d) OMG, YES! GROSS!!! I won't eat it!


7. Can you commit to a weekly pick-up?
a) Yes, most weeks.
b) Probably, but I'm sure to miss a few.
c) We'll find out...
d) No, I'm away for half of the pick-ups.
e) No, I'm already stretched pretty thin.


8. Are you willing to pay for quality over quantity?
a) Yes, I want quality ingredients that taste better and are grown without pesticides, chemicals etc.
b) I'm not sure, I think it depends.
c) No, I'm looking for a bargain.


9. Are you ready to cook, eat, enjoy & love a wider variety of veggies & locally produced products?
a) That's everything I want/need in my life!
b) I'm willing to try...
c) Nah, I'm good.


10. Do you feel good about supporting 20 local farms that care about stewarding the land, feeding you healthy food that's grown without chemicals or pesticides, and contributing to a thriving local food economy?
a) Heck YES!
b) It does sound pretty great.
c) I'm indifferent.
d) I don't know if that's totally my jam...


Find how you scored

  1. If you got mostly A's: Our program + You = A match made in heaven!
  2. If you got mostly B's: Our program + You = A solid match. There might be some things that aren't perfect, but we should be able to tick most of your boxes.
  3. If you got mostly B's and some C's: Our program + You = Some compatibility & some compromise. We fit some of your terms, but there might be some things that you find less than ideal about our program.

    That said, we still think you should give it a shot! If it turns out that it's not your thing and you just can't make it work, we won't hold you to the full commitment of our program. You can always email us at to work something out.

  4. If you got mostly C's, D's & E's: Our program likely isn't a fit for you. Thanks so much for your interest and for taking the quiz to find out!

    If you'd still like to give it a shot, we'd be happy to let you trial the program for a few weeks. Just send an email to to find out how you can set this up.

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