Experience A Different Kind of Cuba with Shirley’s Greenhouse

By | February 8, 2018

You are invited to join me, Dawn Buschert (Owner of Shirley's Greenhouse), on a different kind of trip to Cuba.

I have been to Cuba 4 times and have developed friendships with local business owners and farmers. Now I would like to share my experience of Cuba and bring along some fellow Canadians. This trip will give you a meaningful experience of the local Cuban culture, agriculture, food, business and beaches.

I will be facilitating the organization of a group rate for flights and my tour guide friend, Eduardo will be organizing accommodation, meals, transportation etc. for us. This trip is very different than staying at a resort. We will stay at a local hostel, eat at locally owned small business restaurants, ride in locally owned taxis, and tour local farms and parks. The itinerary is something as follows:

  1. Beach Day x2 - we will drive to a beautiful sandy beach to bask in the sun for two days.
  2. Sancti Spiritus/Local farm Day - We will drive to Sancti Spiritus and visit an urban Permaculture Farm.  Orelvis is the farmer and he now teaches and talks at Permaculture events. We will also visit another friend’s farm and enjoy lunch at his family’s home. He will show us his Coffee plantation as well as his bean crops, chickens and Black Market ice-cream business.
  3. Caibarian Market/Sugar Cane/Train/Remedios by Bike Day - We will visit a Cuban Farmers' Market in Caibareian where they sell meat, vegetables, mango juice and baking. We will learn about the history of Sugar Cane and take a small train ride. Then we will explore another town called Remeidios on a taxi bike, taking in sights of the church, town centre, museums etc.
  4. Rancho Quarata/Urban lettuce Farm Tour Day - We will learn about a local lettuce farm, just 2 blocks from the hostel. We will then go on a Flora and Fauna Excursion and do a small guided hike to learn about Cuban plants, animals and waterfalls in a natural park. There will also be horseback riding and swimming in the river. Lunch will be served at the park. In the afternoon we will be treated to Cuban Dancing lessons from some of my friends and a BBQ at the Hostel. For those that want to, we can go to the Cuban Disco at night.
  5. Rancho Paraisis/Honey Farm - We will visit a honey farm to learn about Cuban apiaries. Rancho Parisis is a Cuban Plantation.  We will learn and see guava, bananas, pineapples, sugarcane and cocoa lunch will be served at the farm. There will also be horseback riding.

All hostels, food, excursions, Farm Tours and taxis are looked after by Eduardo, my Friend.  This will be at a cost of $750 Canadian. The $750 is to be paid directly in Cash to Eduardo at the hostel on the first night. This excludes: plane tickets, insurance, alcohol, tips and souvenir money. We will book flights together through a travel agent Friend of mine to get the best group rate.

For more information or to express your interest in attending, please contact Dawn directly at 403-559-7438 or shirleysgreenhouse@gmail.com


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