Why We Farm With YYC Growers: Eagle Creek Farms

By | October 16, 2017

John Mills of Eagle Creek Farms shares with us why joining forces with YYC Growers has been so important, not only to his farm, but also to his family:

Everyone's support to  YYC Growers had been crucial to the evolution and success of our family farm, Eagle Creek Farms, located North of Calgary.  When first returning to my parents farm 11 years ago and started growing flowers & veggies I did it all, from the planting, weeding & harvesting to marketing, delivering and attending weekly markets around Central Alberta.  I thoroughly enjoy all these aspects of farming, however as my family started to grow it was no longer feasible to manage everything myself, on a side note my wife and I are expecting our 4th child in January.

Meeting and partnering with YYC Growers 4 years ago couldn't have happened at a better time for my farm and young family.  We continued to do much of what we did before including a Sunflower Maze, Upick, Seed Potatoes & our own CSA while at the same time growing the size of our gardens all thanks to this partnership with YYC Growers. No longer have to spend 2-3 afternoons/evenings a week at markets and instead have that time to spend with my children.  I also have more time to spend on the farm which has been extremely important during out transition to Certified Organic Production.

--Farmer John

John's three kids and a giant kohlrabi!

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