The Architects of 150 Faces of YYC Growers

By | June 2, 2017

The project idea is not my own. As President, I have the good fortune of having numerous brilliant and inventive minds to work with. One of these minds is Dick Pearson. Dick is long-time farmer and owner of Seeds to Greens farm South of Calgary. Entering the process of retirement, Dick was looking for a way to step away from the garden but not the farming community—he conceived of 150 Faces of Farming, a project that would expose all the hardworking and supportive individuals in the Calgary farm scene. As Dick sees it, ““The farmer must be an optimist, or he wouldn’t still be a farmer.” It is this idea that our project aims to capture, that optimism at the root of all the challenges farmers face.

Also key to this project is an amazing 16-year-old, Caleb Marx. I have the honor of tutoring Caleb throughout the school year. Through this work, I learned about Caleb’s interest in photography. Caleb stuck his work on his  bedroom walls and I noticed them because several were photos of plants: a leaf, a dandelion breaking through concrete, creeping bellflower.

His attraction to the natural world encouraged me to invite him to my farm, where he volunteered several days. He was a hard worker. Obviously through all of this, it became clear that Caleb was a perfect candidate to shoot for this project. We’re thrilled to offer this opportunity to him and know that he’ll be able to hone his craft through the process. When not at school or shooting these photos, Caleb is preparing to enter grade 12, finding freedom on his BMX or exploring in the woods.

The excitement is building as our project launch is tomorrow! Check our feeds daily (Facebook - @yycgrowers, Instagram - @yycgrowers) and meet a new face. We thank you for following. Lastly, if you would like to be featured as a member/supporter of this community or you know someone that should, please drop us a line at


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