150 Faces of YYC Growers

By | June 1, 2017

As Canada’s sesquicentennial celebration lies only a month away, YYC Growers is excited to be participating in the jubilations with a special showcase. 

Canadian settlement was not a simple process; settlers arrived in a country with a harsh climate, huge distances and peoples that had already been settled here for millennia. Canada was already a land with a farming tradition; tribes such as the Iroquois had a rich tradition of growing beans, squash and corn, but Europeans brought their tradition as well. True to Canada’s mosaic culture, farming in Canada is no different: over the last 150 years, this culture has evolved to include practices from Canada’s Aboriginals, the European settlers, as well as other cultures.

It is for this reason that YYC Growers wants to showcase the farming community through its 150 day project: 150 Faces of YYC Growers. Each day, for 150 days starting this Saturday June 3rd, YYC Growers will feature a new face on their Facebook and Instagram feeds of a farmer, staff, customer, volunteer or other relevant figure connected to YYC Growers. It is our way of celebrating Canada’s sesquicentennial while hyping up all the incredible people who make local food for Calgarians possible. These are faces often not seen because they’re in the fields, or kitchens, or silently supporting local food from their homes. But without them, YYC Growers could not exist.

Naturally, when you owe so much to anyone, you want to express your gratitude. Keep following us over the next few days to learn more. Then be ready to follow us from Summer through to Fall as we feature the amazing faces of YYC Growers. 

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